Webinar: How General Solicitation Works (Title II of the JOBS Act)

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Webinar Details:

The JOBS Act legislation is changing the way small businesses and startups raise capital.  On September 23, the final rules enacted under Title II of theJOBS Act will lift the ban on general solicitation, allowing startups to advertise for the first time in over 80 years that they are fundraising .  

Title II opens up an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to solicit investments from investors beyond their existing network. This can help young companies more efficiently meet their fundraising goals by growing their potential investor pool, but it also brings new challenges: companies must be aware of and comply with the  new rules & requirements imposed by the SEC and the serious consequences for those who break the rules.

If you are interested in generally soliciting for investments in your company, or are just curious about the rules regarding general solicitation, this webinar will be a great starting point for you.

In this webinar, Kate Karas, Deputy General Counsel at SecondMarket and Rafe Furst, SVP at Crowdfunder will give you the latest update on the JOBS Act regulations and will discuss how raising capital via general solicitation works.

Key Takeaways:

— Get the latest update on the final rules enacted under Title II of the JOBS Act

— Learn how companies can use general solicitation today to raise capital, including what steps are required by the SEC

— Understand some of the benefits and risks of raising capital via general solicitation 

— What this means for investors

Disclaimer: The content of this webinar does not constitute legal advice. Viewers should consult their own legal counsel if they need advice regarding the application of Title II to their particular situation.

About the Speakers:

Kate Karas
Deputy General Counsel at SecondMarket 

Kate Karas is the Deputy General Counsel at SecondMarket,  the premier provider of liquidity, capital, and stakeholder-communication solutions to private companies and funds.  Prior to joining SecondMarket, Kate was General Counsel of ProFounder Financial, Inc., an early stage crowdfunding platform dedicated to expanding access to capital.  She came to ProFounder from Bingham McCutchen, where she was an associate in the Securities and Broker-Dealer Group, a leading provider of regulatory response, litigation defense, and securities-related counseling services.   She has extensive, in-depth knowledge of federal and state securities and investment company laws and regulations, including the ’33, ’34, ’40, and JOBS Acts.

Rafe Furst
Senior Vice President at Crowdfunder

Rafe is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor who connects ideas, people and resources to make good things happen faster. Beginning in Silicon Valley in the mid 1990s, Rafe founded or was a first round angel investor in over 30 startups, which collectively have generated over $1 Billion in revenue and $450 Million in liquidity to their stakeholders. Rafe’s been featured in the New York Times Magazine, WIRED.com and Shake The World, for his ideas on unlocking shared value. He’s won awards for cancer awareness and video production; hold’s a championship bracelet from the World Series of Poker; and a B.S. & M.S. from Stanford University. What people want to talk to him most about though is the year he spent in an RV with his best friend, drinking beer and attending sporting events. 


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