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Company Overview

Co-created by Quincy Jones, Playground Sessions is a music learning software company that uses video tutorials and interactive gaming to teach people how to play musical instruments in a fun way. It’s the ultimate technology for anyone who has that desire to express themselves through music.

Playground Sessions delivers the convenience and active learning of Rosetta Stone with the fun and social nature of Guitar Hero.

“Playground Sessions is the personification of music. It gets you personally, emotionally and technically involved. It’s the ultimate technology for anyone who has that desire to express themselves through music.”

– Quincy Jones, Producer of Thriller & Most Nominated Grammy Artist


  • 90% gross margin plus $800,000 in sales to date with profitable months
  • 18,000+ users with 4,000+ current subscribers
  • Global publishing agreements with Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner Music Group & Disney
  • Music legend and Co-Creator Quincy Jones invested in this round
  • Distribution Partnership with Yamaha, the #1 musical instrument manufacturer in the world
  • Distribution at Guitar Center, the world’s largest music retailer


“Playground Sessions is ideal for people who would love to play a musical instrument but never thought that they could. This program will unlock the door to this vast market, a market that is far larger than the present population of active music makers.”

– Terry Lewis, Former Executive Vice President of Yamaha

“Playground Sessions makes learning intuitive and not punitive, and brings about the joy of participating in music-playing without the agony of decades-old traditional approaches. I invested in Playground because I believe creativity is in short supply and this product can inspire millions to discover their creative soul through music participation.”

– Marty Albertson, Former CEO of Guitar Center

Top Investors

  • Quincy Jones, Music Legend
  • Jonathan Teo, Founding and Managing Partner at Binary Capital
  • Marty Albertson, Former CEO of Guitar Center
  • Mike Keriakos, Founder and CEO of

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