TradeYa Closes $100K Within Days on Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder SuccessBelow is the fundraising experience of Jared Krause, CEO of TradeYa, and how he found and closed top tier investors in a very short period of time.

TradeYa is a social platform for bartering online. We’re making our official launch announcement tomorrow. Last week, we added about 10,000 new users to the platform with over 20% starting a trade on their first visit. Our team is now 10 people, mostly developers.

We’ve used a variety of crowdfunding platforms over the past year. Angel List, Gust, Seed Invest, to name a few. We ended up partnering with Crowdfunder in the end because they offered the most robust support, had the easiest platform to use, and gave us the most effective promotion, hands down. Frankly, from an efficiency of money raised perspective, there’s no competition.

TRRADEThe investor who did come to the table committed and invested quickly and we were thrilled to have him in. He’s a serial entrepreneur with many successful exits and tons of relevant experience. We made him an advisor almost immediately.We raised $100k on Crowdfunder in 3 days. During that 3 days we got commitments for the rest of the round, so we didn’t have a chance to see how much more would come in, but within a few hours of the first Crowdfunder broadcast of our deal, we had a $100k commitment, which was in the bank a few days later. It was the fastest money I’ve ever raised.

Crowdfunder’s tool set gave us a lot of additional exposure, very quickly. It was easy and quick to set up, and allowed me to primarily use documents I’d already created. That’s a big departure from other crowd funding sites and breath of fresh air for a busy start up CEO.

My advice to other entrepreneurs is to use Crowdfunder, now. It’s simple, fast, the team is great, there’s not a bunch of crap to deal with, and, bottom line, it generates results quickly.”

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