03/20 Live Hangout: The Social Enterprise Revolution with Joe Huff & Brent Freeman

Social Entrepreneurship is set to improve the world one company at a time, as a growing wave of entrepreneurs create businesses that aim to solve large scale social and environmental problems while generating a healthy return.

If you are a Social Entrepreneur now, or are passionate about this business model and looking to start your own Social Enterprise in the future, then this this is a must-attend conversation for you.

Joe Huff and Brent Freeman, two highly successful Social Entrepreneurs, will be talking about the strategies they have and are still using to drive their thriving social enterprises, build strong customer bases, scale their impact, and attract the interest from many top investors. (See their bios below for the full details on their experiences & track record).

You’ll learn:

  •  How to make a profit and impact
  • How to choose the right social impact (one-for-one, % of profit donation, eco-friendly,                community uplift, etc.)
  • How to clearly articulate a company’s give-back to consumers
  • How to meet the needs of Gen Y customers
  • How social entrepreneurs can leverage their businesses through e-commerce

If you are ready to change the world with your business, join this conversation!

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About Joe & Brent

Joe Huff – Director of Positivity, This Shirt Helps
Connect with Joe on Crowdfunder

Joe Huff felt that after the successful bootstrapping of Ramp Logistics and having a background in fashion and a passion for giving that it was his responsibility to find a way to make those two worlds collide in a way that most people could digest and understand. No confusing percentage of sales toward an ambiguous organization. His goal is to empower people and to let individuals know that each of us makes a difference. By showing what something as simple as the purchase of a shirt could do on the personal level, he is engaging more people and creating more awareness about how everyone of us can and does matter. And the best part, it’s not by asking anyone to do anything they weren’t already going to do. The best part of Social Enterprise is that no one is asked for a donation. You were already going to buy a good shirt, why not get one that does some good to go along with it? Let’s make Social Enterprise and Philanthropy cool. So cool that it’s not cool not to participate!

Brent Freeman – Founder, CEO of Roozt
Connect with Brent on Crowdfunder

Brent Freeman — Founder/CEO, Roozt.com Brent’s foray into entrepreneurship started even before he graduated USC. His first effort was an international commodities import/export firm that he ran from the distinguished quarters of his college apartment — aka Suite 31 on 27th Street & University Ave. Though financially lucrative, Brent’s ambitious venture proved emotionally unfulfilling. When the recession hit, he observed a paradigm shift in consumer behavior (and his own passions!) that sparked an idea in his head for an Internet platform that connected trendsetting, socially responsible brands with everyday online shoppers. Enter: Roozt.com — the world’s sexiest online marketplace for brands that give back. With Roozt as his vehicle, Brent is committed to proving that the future of successful business is rooted in a business model that simultaneously benefits its employees, surrounding community, the environment, and, because socially conscious and profitable are not mutually exclusive, the bottom line of a balance sheet. Extending his social activism beyond the office walls, Brent launched a pilot program in Los Angeles with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to teach social entrepreneurship to low-income, at-risk high school students. Brent received a BA in communication from the University of Southern California and finished at the top of his class in the Marshall School of Business Entrepreneur Program. On a particularly relevant note, Brent minored in Italian. When not busy revolutionizing business practice or inspiring the new generation, Brent can be found sunset gazing on the beach or jumping out of airplanes with his best friends (and a parachute).


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