Snapchat’s Giant Series F Round Signals Health And Changes In Startup Funding

Snapchat Shows us that Startup Funding has not Dried up, but Change has come to the Venture Capital Market.

As the CEO of the equity crowdfunding platform + early stage venture fund,, I have a front row seat to the rapidly changing dynamics of Venture Capital.

On May 26th, Snapchat announced it closed a Series F round of $1.8 Billion, at a $20 Billion valuation, jumping $5 Billion from its Series E raise in March of 2015 and up $10 Billion from its Series D raise in December 2014. This valuation shows strong confidence from investors. Snapchat is currently #6 on the Forbes Unicorn list behind companies like Uber and AirBNB. To many readers unfamiliar with Snapchat, it may come as a surprise that it is so highly valued. What is this ghost app you keep seeing?

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10 Tips for a Successful Seed Round

You came up with an idea. Started a business. Built an MVP and attracted users to the platform. You now need funds to scale. It’s time for your seed round. The success of your seed round will determine the success of the business. Follow these tips, to make sure you get it right the first time.

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Crowdfunding Success Story: iFunding Closes $2M Round

We had the opportunity to speak with Sohin Shah, COO and Co-Founder of iFunding, about how they were able to raise $2,000,000 through their Crowdfunder crowdfunding campaign. Here’s what Sohin had to say about closing out their crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder.

How much were you able to eventually raise on Crowdfunder?

We eventually raised around 40% of our 2,000,000 round directly on Crowdfunder with a significant portion of that coming in the first 48 hours of launching our deal.

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Meet The Finalists Of CROWDFUNDxLA

Crowdfunder, Social Media Week LA and Silicon Beach LA would like to extend you a special invitation to the CROWDFUNDxLA Live Pitch Event, where 10 promising local startups will present their businesses to expert judges and an audience of top investors and business leaders.

We’d like to congratulate to the 10 Finalists and wish them the best of luck at the live pitch event!

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Google Hangout: Equity Crowdfunding & The Future of Investing Online

About This Hangout

In this free webinar, Chance Barnett the CEO of Crowdfunder and participant in JOBS Act legislation will share with you:

  • Current state of JOBS Act Rulings & the SEC
  • How investment raises are happening online today
  • Implications of the recent SEC No Action Letters
  • The Secret to Pitching Investors from one of the world’s top fundraisers
  • How to connect with Accredited Investors on Crowdfunder

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Think like an Investment Banker with Oren Klaff

When: 03/27 at 2:30pm PST (5:30pm EST)

Most investment bankers can raise millions in an afternoon for a single project: how you can apply their methods to your Crowd-funding.

At that crucial moment – when it’s most important to be convincing – nine out of 10 times we are not. Join Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal, for a step-by-step process for getting an investor’s attention, communicating your ideas in the way investors expect to hear them, and getting deals closed.

Fortune 500 Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to have Oren present to them.  Register today to get a reminder & mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss this talk.

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