Success Story: Raises $350,000

We had the opportunity to speak with Enzo Villani, CEO of, about how they were able to raise $350,000 through their equity crowdfunding campaign. Here’s what Enzo had to say about their Crowdfunder campaign.

What is

There are over 10,000 public companies trading on major exchanges today. Self-directed investors have no easy way to interact with CEOs, analysts, Wall Street luminaries, and anyone else that has an investment idea. Our goal is to be the leading financial technology and media company delivering news, content and investment ideas on companies that are under $1B market capitalization across a social investment framework.

How much did you end up raising on Crowdfunder?

We raised a total of $350,000 from a set of 5 investors through Crowdfunder. One of benefits of running a marketing campaign for our fundraise was it created a sense of urgency for larger institutional investors that we were circling to get in the round quickly.

Why did you decide to use equity crowdfunding for your fundraise?

At, we also connect investors with investment opportunities similar to what Crowdfunder is doing with earlier stage companies so it was a natural fit to incorporate equity crowdfunding into our fundraising efforts.

Why did you choose Crowdfunder?

Crowdfunder is the leader in equity crowdfunding and we see multiple synergies long term. Its was a great opportunity to start working with them and cross-pollinating our investor groups.

What was your marketing strategy for distributing your fundraise?

Being that we already have a large pool of accredited investors in our database, we were able to get our deal in front a large number investors over a two month period. We leveraged our platform along with our mailing list to get a sizable amount of eyes on our deal, which led to us raising a total of $350,000 on Crowdfunder, and an additional $1M from institutional investors.

What would you tell other entrepreneurs about raising money on Crowdfunder?

I would recommend Crowdfunder to any company that is looking to fundraise from a new set of investors while also raising awareness for their business. It’s a great approach to seed financing and leveraging your relationships in a whole new way.

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