Startup Funded: NotaryCam Raises $200K in 30 Days

We spent time catching up with the Cofounder of NotaryCam, David Kressel, after they raised $200K in only 30 days on Crowdfunder. NotaryCam is the world’s first platform for online notary services. They have successfully completed over 2,500 notarizations for clients all over the globe and are ready to scale. Here’s what David had to say about raising money on Crowdfunder:

How did Crowdfunder help you raise money?

“Crowdfunder introduced us to investors all over the world. We ended up raising $200K in 30 days from 4 savvy investors. Crowdfunder is an amazing way to get your deal in front of a diverse group of investors fast.”

How are you going to use the funds raised?

“We are going to use the money to further develop our technology and scale the team.”

What are the keys to success when raising money online?

“It’s critical to follow-up consistently with all the investors who express interest in your deal by providing them with answers and information in a timely manner.  The key is to vigilantly work on closing investors that raise their hand.”

How would you sum up your experience on Crowdfunder?

“Crowdfunder is a game-changer when it comes to raising money fast and is a great return on investment.”

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