Recently Funded: Enmetric Systems

We had the opportunity to catch up with William Busch of Navitas Capital, who led Enmetric Systems round to hear about how they successfully closed a $1.5M round with significant investment from the Crowdfunder network.

How much were you able to raise on the Crowdfunder Network?

“We we’re able to raise $190,000 through 8 investors on the Crowdfunder platform. We discovered that our offering was most successful to investors that we’re knowledgeable with the IOT (Internet of Things) space.”

What traction is Enmetric seeing heading into 2015?

“We are looking to continue the momentum from the successful equity crowdfunding campaign straight into our Series B round in 2015.”

What were your keys to success?

“We we’re quick to respond to every lead generated from the Crowdfunder network and made ourselves readily available to talk with any potential investor over the phone. Another useful tactic was to quickly identify investors that were familiar with the space and passionate about IOT (Internet of Things) as they were the hottest leads.”

What was your biggest takeaway?

“Crowdfunder introduced us to savvy investors all over the country that we would have never found otherwise to bridge the gap and close the round.”

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