PingTank Raises $450,000 Through Crowdfunder

PingTank recently raised $450,000 from 4 investors through Crowdfunder. PingTank is a social media platform that enables users to add 2D/3D overlays to their images. We we’re able to catch up with Lars Halvor Jenson, COO of PingTank, to hear about their success on Crowdfunder. Here’s what he had to say.

What problem are you solving at PingTank?

We are providing users a new level of freedom of expression: through PingTank you can say a million things without saying a (written) word.

How much did you end up raising through Crowdfunder?

We ended up raising a total of $450,000.

From how many investors?

A total of 4 investors.

Outside of the investment, was Crowdfunder able to help you on a more strategic level?

Crowdfunder made some great introductions for us, and we actually found an advisor through these intros as well.

Why did you decide to leverage Crowdfunder for your fundraising efforts?

Crowdfunder is the ideal platform for a startup company, as they have a massive network that is otherwise inaccessible to most newly started companies.

How did Crowdfunder help you achieve your fundraising goals?

Crowdfunder helped us achieve our goal through some key introductions with investors.

What do you credit your success to?

We appeal to an audience that loves to express themselves and have managed to tap into the spirit of the times.

In your opinion, how has equity crowdfunding changed the fundraising landscape?  

It has removed the power from the traditional gatekeepers and put the power back in the hands of the public.

What do you plan on using the funds raised for?

We will mostly spend the funds on development. Making the app even better and implementing the features that our users are looking for.

What would you tell other businesses or funds looking to use Crowdfunder?

Go for it! The Crowdfunder team is extremely professional and working with them was such a pleasant experience.

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