Learn The Easy Way…From Mistakes Of Others

From Duke DiAnni, Campaign Manager at Crowdfunder

“Seven dirty, gritty, real startup lessons that cost my $2 million,” is a hard-nosed, brash look at the common mistakes of startup founders that was recently published by Pando Daily.  While detailing the most common pitfalls all companies should avoid, writer  Pablo Fuentes remains brutally honest about his own struggles as a founder and CEO of a software product company, that, in his words, has “sucked a lot since its launch in 2009.”  Among his many helpful tips, Fuentes stresses the importance of developing a clear, concise pitch.  Gain a fresh perspective on your business from friends, the community, and always be open to their feedback.  See more….

Wanted: The 10 Top Startups in LA

Investors and the crowd are looking to identify the Top 10 Startups in Los Angeles. If you are one of them, you won’t want to miss this…

Crowdfunder has partnered with Social Media Week LA and Silicon Beach LA to launch CROWDFUNDxLA — the second acceleration process for the local LA startup ecosystem, that engages investors and the crowd in identifying the Top Startups in Los Angeles. Continue reading…

CROWDFUNDxMexicoCity – Meet The Winners

If raising capital is not an easy task in the U.S., where thousands of startups get funded every year, in Mexico the path to getting funded is often a true endurance test for any entrepreneur. (See some interesting stats about the current investment landscape in Mexico here.)

That’s why we’re thrilled about CROWDFUNDxMexicoCity — our first international CROWDFUNDx Contest + Pitch Event that is accelerating investment for top startups in Mexico. The contest was launched in partnership with Crowdfunder México (our subsidiary), Jóvenes COPARMEX, and Emproyecto México. It also received the support of Endeavor, 500 Startups, NAFIN and the Entrepreneur’s Institute.

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Google Hangout: Crowd Expert Secrets to Crowdfunding Success

About this Hangout

Are you still unsure about how crowdfunding works, and how to successfully raise funding for your business?

Would you like to learn how to design a strategy that will engage people online and influence them to support your crowdfunding campaign?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to understand how crowdfunding fits within your larger fundraising strategy, or you want to learn how to manage and influence crowds online to benefit your business — this live Google+ Hangout with our CEO, Chance Barnett interviewing Shaun Abrahamson will help you.

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CROWDFUNDxNYC Wraps Up New York Startup Community

Last week was the culmination of CROWDFUNDxNYC, Crowdfunder’s 4th initiative that localizes investment crowdfunding by bringing investors and the crowd together online to identify and fund the top companies in the local area.

The New York startup and social enterprise community came together for a high-impact day of education, collaboration and live pitches to the crowd from top companies from Crowdfunder’s online contest. Continue reading…

Google Hangout: How Equity Crowdfunding + Angel Investor Groups Will Build Strong Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

About This Hangout

Have you ever wondered what factors an entrepreneur must have to become attractive to Angel Investors?

Or, if you’re an Angel Investor, you may want to learn more about how Angel Investing and Equity Crowdfunding can work together, and how you and your Angel Group can benefit.

If you are interested in learning more on these topics, then watch this Google+ Hangout with Crowdfunder CEO Chance Barnett interviewing Julia Dilts, Angel Investor & CEO of Maverick Angels Network.

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Google Hangout: Equity Crowdfunding & The Future of Investing Online

About This Hangout

In this free webinar, Chance Barnett the CEO of Crowdfunder and participant in JOBS Act legislation will share with you:

  • Current state of JOBS Act Rulings & the SEC
  • How investment raises are happening online today
  • Implications of the recent SEC No Action Letters
  • The Secret to Pitching Investors from one of the world’s top fundraisers
  • How to connect with Accredited Investors on Crowdfunder

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Meet the 14 CROWDIMPACT Live Presenters


Over the past 45 days, 150 social enterprises have registered for CROWDIMPACT and gained Followers from all over the world. Around them a community of over 900 entrepreneurs, investors and backers was built and brought together in support of fueling social impact-driven businesses.

CROWDIMPACT is a great example of a CROWDFUNDx Community, where an engaged group of top business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and community members join forces online + offline to further a common goal: accelerating entrepreneurship and small business growth.

Without further ado, check out the 14 social enterprises chosen by our partners and judges. A big congrats to all of them!

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CROWDFUNDx: Your Local Community Accelerator


CROWDFUNDx is a powerful online + offline accelerator for local entrepreneurial ecosystems. Through a proven process, CROWDFUNDx opens up access to capital for local startups and small businesses through a free and open online-to-offline community engagement model, powered by Crowdfunder’s global social network.

Outside Silicon Valley… raising capital and connecting to a network of engaged investors is hard. CROWDFUNDx creates an online rallying point for local communities where entrepreneurs get validated by the crowd, and existing and new investors get plugged into the local ecosystem and discover and fund businesses.

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