Investing In Socially Responsible Companies

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  • Impact investing continues to gain traction.
  • In the near future a standard will be established for impact criteria.
  • Impact investors may attain similar results to more traditional vehicles though it may require a longer investment horizon for gains to be realized.

Crowdfunder prides itself in providing a platform to help entrepreneurs fund businesses that strive to create a better world. We love to see passionate entrepreneurs address social or environmental issues with their products or services. Over the past couple years, we have helped fund several impact-related startups that address some of these big global challenges. Crowdfunder presents four impact companies to our community of entrepreneurs and investors so that you may participate in the good these companies do by using their products and helping to bring awareness.

A recent listing on Crowdfunder’s platform that is disrupting the donations and philanthropy industry is GoodWorld. Goodworld has developed a social payments platform that enables anyone to make instant, secure, viral donations on social media by using the hashtag: #donate. Nominated as one of Fast Company’s 2016 World’s Most Innovative Companies alongside Facebook, Warby Parker and Toms, Goodworld is on track to revolutionize how we make donations to charities.

Another donation related platform that has seen huge success on Crowdfunder is HandUp. HandUp is a fundraising platform for poverty-focused nonprofits and the people they serve. HandUp’s charitable giving platform provides nonprofits and donors a new, simple, and transparent way to make an impact on local poverty. Headed by a passionate team of industry experts, HandUp is facilitating hundreds of nonprofits as they move their charitable giving online, creating a more modern, transparent, and human donations platform.

Judy Belletti, CEO and Founder of Bright World, discovered that a child’s vocabulary at age 9 is a large determinant of career success.  A long time teacher and developer of children’s curriculum, Judy and team developed a series of highly interactive eBooks to bring high-quality animation and interactive environment to learning. Their mission is to expand children’s vocabulary and reading ability. The Education Technology sector has seen tremendous growth in the past four years. According to Tracxn Global EdTech report (Mar 2016), over $9.9B has been invested in the EdTech sector in the last 10 years with more than one third of the amount invested in 2015 alone. You can download the app here for free: App Store.

Finally, healthcare is one of the top three industries our investors have shown the most interest in on Crowdfunder. Impact Health, backed by Techstars and VC Index Fund, recently completed a campaign on Crowdfunder. Impact Health uses data and predictive modeling to make buying health insurance online simple and transparent. They’ve developed an algorithm that takes customer data points, such as medications and number of doctor visits to provide consumers transparent costs, and help the 98 million people in the US who buy health insurance directly choose the best plan.

Crowdfunder is proud to bring investment opportunities to so many early-stage deals that strive to better our world. One of the primary goals of Crowdfunder is to democratize access to capital so that startups could raise the necessary capital to grow and create change for their communities and the world. We help companies like GoodWorld, HandUp, and more become a reality.




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