How Revl Reserved $4 Million on Crowdfunder

We recently chatted with Revl CEO Eric Sanchez to discuss his fundraising successes on Crowdfunder. Revl has reserved over $4.1M on Crowdfunder. With product scheduled to launch in April, Revl is on a clear trajectory to give GoPro a run for its money.

Why did you decide to leverage Crowdfunder for your fundraising efforts?

“The whole reason I chose to go the crowdfunding route is because of the sheep herd mentality that comes with it. For e-commerce products, crowdfunding can be very helpful because it empowers your customers to become investors. More than that, we went with Crowdfunder because they provided direct, personal access to their CEO Chance Barnett. It’s super powerful to have a well-connected CEO calling up investors on your behalf.” Sanchez knows having such a connection can make all the difference in a startup’s reservation efforts, even if one’s product does not fit a niche market.

Who would you recommend Crowdfunder to?

“Any startup looking to reserve funds, even if your product doesn’t fit a niche market.”

What would you tell other businesses or funds looking to use Crowdfunder?

“Utilize this platform now. Investment ecosystems are unpredictable, and what works now may not work in a few years. Crowdfunding deserves a big push right now, as successes can be massive.”

What advice do you have to companies already raising through Crowdfunder?

“Get creative with it. Crowdfunding is a great way to experiment with breaking away from trends to see if you can build a unique campaign that works.” Contact our team to help you strategize ways to set your campaign apart from the crowd.

What do you plan on using the funds raised for?

“We are using the funds to grow our team and accelerate our sales.”

What are your next steps?

“We’ve just signed a multimillion dollar deal with a major german automotive manufacturer and we have a few more deals in the works. Next step is to keep forming amazing partnerships with companies and athletes that will help us grow our brand, userbase and take a big chunk of the action camera market.”



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