How Digitzs Reserved $7 Million on Crowdfunder

Since this interview, Digitzs has reserved over $7 Million for their Crowdfunder Campaign

We sat down with Laura Wagner, CEO of Digitzs, to discuss her keys to startup success and how her team has raised close to $4 Million on the Crowdfunder platform and is currently #3 on The CNBC Crowdfinance 50 Index.

Converting Investors via your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

1. Strong Video: This is the #1 most critical component of the campaign, according to the Digitzs team. You must connect emotionally with the viewer. This is especially important for products that aren’t easily understandable. Contact our Team and we will help you create your video.

2. Pitch: “These days we only have nanoseconds of attention. In a pitch to investors, you have 1 minute to get their attention and 1 minute to answer their questions.” Make your two minutes count.  When you do get an investor on the phone, be certain to communicate your product concisely from the start. Contact our Team and we will help you create your Pitch Deck.

3. Team:  “Surround yourself with people way smarter than you are. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid of letting your team run with scissors,” Laura notes. It’s important to surround yourself with a talented team and empower them to succeed.

4. Slide Deck: “10 slides, lots of white space, no word walls, big font, key ideas,” this is a what makes a successful slide deckaccording toDigitzs. Contact our Team and we will help you create your Slide Deck.

5. Marketing: Being featured on Crowdfunder was a huge boost for the Digitzs campaign. “Alongside the Crowdfunder feature, we had a strong internal email marketing and social media effort” Laura notes. This led to a huge jump in investors. You can’t just put a profile up and hope it takes off. It requires constant work. Get started on your campaign here.

6. Follow-Up: “You must be relentlessly organized on the back end”, Laura stresses. This means following up with every lead and then following up again…and again.

Don’t Forget…

Website: “There is no excuse for a poorly executed website,” Laura notes.  It’s mandatory to have a clean design that easily conveys your product. A bad website is a dealbreaker.

Customers: Your potential customers are your best resource. Digitzs worked with 50 platform CEOs to fine tune their solution. It’s crucial for all startups to be agile. “If you don’t have a product that people are willing to pay for, you don’t have a business,” Laura stresses. Be prepared to pivot based on customer feedback.

Advisors: “You’re nobody until someone says you’re somebody” Laura notes. Digitzs spent countless hours building a group of household names to serve as company advisors. Their advisor list includes Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and executives from Visa and PayPal. This built credibility which has been critical in building the business and the crowdfunding campaign.


“The truth is, this isn’t for the faint-hearted,” Laura laughs. You have to be passionate about the company you are building. If you aren’t, it will never be successful. Raising the necessary funds is critical to success. From Laura’s experience with the current VC landscape, “equity crowdfunding is the only real option for pre-revenue fundraising”.




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