03/07 Hangout: Fundraising Success Strategies, Both Online and Offline with Chance Barnett & Rafe Furst

Raising money can be one of the most difficult and misunderstood challenges for entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be. There are proven strategies and tactics that successful fundraisers use to fully fund their venture, and a whole host of mistakes you need to avoid that instantly kill investor interest.  

Before you kick off your fundraising without a clear strategy, join a Google Hangout to learn how to create success from the start with 2 experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

On this Hangout, Chance Barnett and Rafe Furst, two experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors and startup advisors will share with you, from personal experience, what they have learned over the years in fundraising on both sides of the table. (Read their bios below for a taste of what’s to come).

You will not only learn what strategies they have used successfully as entrepreneurs to close investments from Angels and VCs, but you’ll also understand how you can translate your “offline” fundraising skills into raising money online through crowdfunding.

 Recorded on Wednesday, March 07 2013 in Venice, CA.


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About Chance & Rafe:

Chance Barnett – Co-Founder and CEO of Crowdfunder
Connect with Chance on Crowdfunder

Chance is a successful internet entrepreneur, investor and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to over $58,000,000 in revenues over the last 13 years. His unique skill set brings together both hands-on technical knowledge and high growth marketing/customer acquisition experience, as demonstrated by having built technology and grown businesses that have acquired over 40,000,000 email subscribers online.

Prior to founding Crowdfunder in 2011, Chance’s left his most recent full time operational leadership role and became a hands-on investor and advisor for early stage growth companies, a Forbes Contributor on Startups and Crowdfunding, as well as a published best-selling Author & Speaker in the areas of Personal Development & Entrepreneurship.

In founding Crowdfunder, Chance has played an early and significant role in JOBS Act legislation & regulation– engaged directly with top leadership across Congress, the White House and the SEC.

Chance is a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Economics. He lives in Venice, California where he is an Advisor or Board Member to a select group of socially conscious businesses and early stage startups, and surfs when the waves are good.

Rafe Furst – SVP, Business Development at Crowdfunder
Connect with Rafe on Crowdfunder

Rafe is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor who connects ideas, people and resources to make good things happen faster. Beginning in Silicon Valley in the mid 1990s, Rafe founded or was a first round angel investor in over 30 startups, which collectively have generated over $1 Billion in revenue and $450 Million in liquidity to their stakeholders. Rafe’s been featured in the New York Times Magazine, WIRED.com and Shake The World, for his ideas on unlocking shared value. He’s won awards for cancer awareness and video production; holds a championship bracelet from the World Series of Poker; and a B.S. & M.S. from Stanford University. What people want to talk to him most about though is the year he spent in an RV with his best friend, drinking beer and attending sporting events.


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