eyeCam: The Future of Smartphones and Wearable Devices

If recent history is any indication for what the smartphone will look and be like in the near future, then we can expect radical changes and dramatically different ways that we will interface with this technology.

Today, wearables are mostly smartphone companion devices that connect with Bluetooth. That invisible cord will probably be cut soon. New products are constantly emerging that continue to revolutionize the smartwatch, smartphone, and wearable computing industry. In fact, in January 2016, Apple announced it is doing away with wired headphone jacks altogether and going with Bluetooth earbuds.

Soon enough, you will have a smartphone on your wrist with independent cellular connectivity: the wearable smartphone. It will be your health and fitness monitor, media player, 3D mouse and controller, and biometric key and wallet. You will be able to make a call, effortlessly lock and unlock doors, avoid security lines and make payments instantly and securely all from your wrist. Wearable projection interfacing (mapping a display onto any surface) and heads-up displays (smartphone glasses that enable us to augment our reality and senses) allow your hands and fingers to be your touchscreen display–eliminating the need to carry a pocket PC.

Enter eyeCam. With a vision for revolutionizing the wearable tech arena, eyeCam is developing eyeHand: a wearable smartphone with a projection interface that turns your hand and fingers into a touchscreen display, 3D mouse, and controller. While progress on eyeHand is running smoothly, it has turned to Crowdfunder to help fundraise with accredited investors to make such an innovative vision a reality. Join this revolution and help make the future of wearable tech come to life.


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