Meet David Lasorda: Crowdfunder Venture Consultant

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David Lasorda has a background in the financial services industry, with over two years of experience in FX and derivatives trading at Guggenheim Partners. He transitioned into entrepreneurship as founder of Lasorda Family Wines, a role that has prepared him well to join the Crowdfunder team as a Venture Consultant.
David currently works as a Venture Consultant for Crowdfunder. This role consists of scouting interesting and attractive startups that are seeking funding, and then sourcing select deals onto the Crowdfunder platform where they are marketed to prospective investors. Once a company is identified as a good fit for the platform, David works directly with the company founders to build out the fundraise campaign and compose newsletter features to boost investor interest and drive traffic to the deal. In addition to sourcing new companies for the platform, David also assists on the Investor Relations side of the business, corresponding with new platform investors to learn about their investing background and help them get acclimated to the crowdfunding platform.

David Lasorda started working at Crowdfunder last year. He met Crowdfunder President and Managing Director, Steven McClurg, while they were colleagues at Guggenheim Partners. A few months after Steven started at Crowdfunder, David sought advice on entrepreneurship.

“I was interested in moving into the entrepreneur space with my own company, Lasorda Family Wines. As I transitioned into that role, I spoke with Steven about also having a role at Crowdfunder.”

At Crowdfunder, David said:

“I work to help higher quality companies join our platform. I work directly with the companies to do newsletter features and custom packages to boost investor interest and drive traffic to their company.”

David did not have a sales background prior to Crowdfunder, but he had experience in finance and fundraising. He found that being able to sell a product is important when starting and running your own business.

“Certain people have the attitude and grit to accomplish anything they put their mind to. David is one of those people.” said Steven McClurg. “I had already seen him in action, working with him previously. It didn’t matter what was thrown at him: emerging market bond analysis or FX trading, he always figured it out. What I liked most though is his understanding of the entrepreneur experience. He put a good career on the line to take a risk to start something he was passionate about. This makes him uniquely qualified to help our customers.”

David said,

“You have to pitch your idea in order to get funding. I had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments for my company. Through that experience, I’ve learned how to pitch a company and how to communicate with people and investors. That experience has helped me transition into a sales role at Crowdfunder.”

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David said that the most important skill for him to master is communication. Following up and having consistent, honest and constructive communication with his clients is mutually beneficial. He puts in the work to make sure his clients are satisfied.

David loves the workplace culture at Crowdfunder. At his last full time position, he worked 12 hours every weekday. In our office setting, he has more motivation and flexibility to take extra responsibility and help the company prosper. He also has time to work on his own company.

David is working hard as an entrepreneur for Lasorda Family Wines. He successfully raised capital for the company, and is working to make his vision a reality. His company makes California wines and they are currently self distributing.

“I spent a lot of time with winemakers, and worked to build a great product. We are currently in stores around California, and most notably, in Dodger Stadium.”

When asked what advice he would give someone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, he said:

“I thought I wanted to work in finance for a big firm, but after two years of doing just that, I realized that wasn’t where my passion was. I wanted to pursue something else. Still to this day, people ask me ‘Why did you want to leave that job? Why would you give up making money like that?’ I just didn’t see myself down the road in that industry. I wanted to go somewhere I had more personal impact and responsibility and where my actions had an end result for the company and for my financials. If you’re thinking of moving into an entrepreneur role, I say go for it. Have a plan, know how to approach it, do your research and work hard, but there’s no time like the present. Better to try and fail then never have tried at all. Especially if like me, you are young and do not have the financial and personal responsibilities you may acquire as you age.”

Crowdfunder is supportive of our employees passions and aspirations, even if they have a side hustle. David is a great asset to our team, and we can’t wait to watch his company Lasorda Family Wines grow.

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