Managing and Closing Investors on Crowdfunder

Fundraising has moved from the board room to the deal room, as the explosive growth of crowdfunding has brought fundraising online. The crowdfunding industry is growing exponentially and is estimated to reach $35B by the end of 2015, and equity crowdfunding is one of the newest and high-growth areas of crowdfunding.

Fundraising on Crowdfunder puts you in front of our accredited investor network, and also provides you with a powerful set of online fundraising tools to create a powerful pitch & manage the investment process.

And while our platform helps streamline the process of attracting and closing new investors online, the process always requires attention to your prospective investors and their questions. To manage the investor process we created a dedicated CRM that provides a centralized location for your fundraising  process and the status of each investor.

Here’s what our Investor CRM looks like:

Deal Admin Walkthrough


Investor CRM

  1. Deal Analytics – This section offers insight on the statistics surrounding your deal.
  2. Filters – You can filter your investors by Pending Requests, Reservation Made, Self-Accredited Investors, Verified Investors, Documents Signed, Counter Signed, Banked Reservations, and Outside Investors.
  3. Adding Outside Investors – In this section you can add an outside investor that you have made a deal, so that your pipeline reflects the full amount raised.
  4. Export Deal Data  – This functionality allows you to export all the investor data into a .csv.
  5. Investor Pipeline – This is where you manage the investor pipeline. We encourage you to update each investor as you push them through the pipeline all the way from their access request to eventually banking their money.