How To Build An Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Now that equity crowdfunding has made the transition online, the industry has rapidly accelerated allowing entrepreneurs to successfully raise capital through crowdfunding campaigns. The crowdfunding industry grew to $10B last year and is doubling every year. One of the largest indicators of success on Crowdfunder is your equity crowdfunding profile and how well it captures the story of your investment opportunity.

Your Profile on Crowdfunder is the primary tool that allows investors to find and vet your deal before committing. The more robust and informative your story is, the more likely you will close investors. It’s imperative to clearly illustrate  your value proposition, business traction points, strength of your management team, key investors and strategic partners/customers. Following the instructions below on how to build an equity crowdfunding campaign will set you up for success.

Once your profile has been created, actively marketing and maintaining leverage throughout the campaign is just as important. Check out our Equity Crowdfunding Marketing Checklist to learn how to drive the most engagement around your campaign.

Table of Contents

The Basics
Company Profile
Custom Content
Traction & Testimonials
Investment Profile
Investor CRM


The Basics


  1. Logo – Add your company’s logo.
  2. Video – Create a 2-3 minute video that best illustrates the investment opportunity of your product or offering through powerful storytelling. 
  3. Tagline – Explain your company’s unique value proposition in a compelling way in 140 characters.
  4. Location + Tags – Add the location of your business and all the tags that are relevant to your company.
  5. Edit Profile + Manage Deal – This is where you can edit your profile and manage the investors in your pipeline.
  6. Social + Website – Connect your social channels and website to show social proof for your business.

Company Profile

Company Overview

  1. Company Overview – Explain why you started the company, what sets you apart from competition, keys to success, and your accomplishments.
  2. Key Customers & Partners – Highlight your customers and partners to show your business traction.
  3. Press – Link to key press articles about your campaign and company.

Custom Content

Custon Content

  1. Custom Content – This is the portion of the profile to showcase your company in a visually compelling way. You can show the product, graphs to illustrate your growth or any other relevant information.

Traction + Testimonials

Traction + Testimonials

  1. Traction – Choose the top 4-5 traction points that pertain to your business. This can consist of growth, users, interactions, and milestones for the company.
  2. Testimonials – Provide quotes from investors and customers that highlight why they invested or are a customer.

The Team


  1. Leadership – Include the core management team. The team is ultimately what investors invest in so it is vital that you have the whole team on the platform.
  2. Top Investors – Onboard all of your investors as this provides social proof for your fundraise.
  3. Team – Onboard all of your team members.
  4. Board of Directors / Advisors – Onboard the board and advisors as this provides great validation for your company and fundraise.

Investment Profile


  1. Reservations – This highlights the amount you are raising and the minimum investment amount.
  2. Highlights – Choose the 3 traction points about your company.
  3. Elevator Pitch – Investors should be able to read this and know exactly what the problem is and how you’re going to solve it.
  4. Raise Details – This section outlines the terms of your fundraise.
  5. Documents – The required documents for your campaign are a basic term sheet, investor pitch deck and executive summary.

Investor CRM


  1. Investment Analytics – This section offers insight on the statistics surrounding your deal.
  2. Filter – You can filter your investors by reservations or verified investors.
  3. Investor Pipeline – This is where you manage the investor pipeline. We encourage you to update each investor as you push them through the pipeline all the way from access request to eventually banking their money.
  4. Export Deal Data – This functionality allows you to export all the investor data into a .csv.

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