Equity Crowdfunding Marketing Checklist

A successful equity crowdfunding campaign doesn’t catch fire by itself—it needs to be driven from start to finish and gain momentum by getting it in front of investors with an integrated marketing strategy. It starts with providing a compelling business offering with a lead investor already attached who has solidified the terms of the deal. It’s then up to you to build a great profile and launch a marketing campaign around your equity crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve helped you by compiling the different ways you can effectively market your equity crowdfunding campaign.

Note: These marketing tactics can only be utilized by deals that are running a public fundraise.

Create Profile That Unlocks Investment

Company Profile (See Example)

  • Video (2-3 Mins)
  • Product Images
  • Business Traction Points
  • KPI’s
  • Team
  • Key Customers & Partners
  • Press mentions
  • Testimonials

Investment Profile

  • Fundraising Documents
  • Investor Pitch Deck
  • Term Sheet
  • Executive Summary
  • Subscription Documents
  • Highlights
  • Investors
  • Previous Funding
  • Fundraising Goal


  • Issue a press release highlighting your Crowdfunder deal
  • Tell a bigger story
  • Hit all the relevant verticals

Leverage Social Media Channels

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Activate your Stakeholders

  • Investors
  • Board Members
  • Advisors
  • Friends & Family
  • Board Members

Company Website

  • Homepage banner linking to your Crowdfunder deal
  • Post to blog
  • Syndicate the blog out to your network
  • Send blast to company mailing lists


  • Create a set of perks that are unique to your business to incentivize investors to close quickly
  • Create experiential marketing opportunities that money can’t buy

Actively Follow-Up with Interested Investors

  • Don’t let pending requests sit in your Deal Admin. Make sure to follow-up with each investor within 24 hours and make yourself available – this is critical

Trend on Crowdfunder

  • Crowdfunder bubbles up companies that are performing well on the platform and features those companies to our network of Accredited Investors