Trending Startup: Invest With Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington in Digitzs

Trending Startup: Digitzs

“Digitzs is a groundbreaking platform where merchants get paid next day and choose their fees (0%– 3%).” – Laura Wagner, CEO of Digitzs


“I’ve processed billions in card payments for my infomercials. Becoming an equity owner in Digitzs is my way of getting even on all of those fees (and more). Digitzs has the team, the traction and the technology to be the next big disruptor in the trillion dollar payments space. I’m thrilled to have an early stake in this promising company.” – Kevin Harrington, ABC’s Shark Tank

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Former NBA Superstar, Yao Ming, Turns Passion For Wine Into Successful Business Venture

Trending Startup: Yao Family Wines

“Every empty bottle is a permanent memory – a night to remember with family and Friends. We are all eating different meals but sharing from the same bottle. That’s why I fell in love with wine. It reminded me of the family-style meals in China.” – Yao Ming, CEO & Former NBA Superstar

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Trending Startup: Invest in Former NASDAQ Executives in


I’ve built three companies globally through the execution of a buy and build strategy. I’m looking to replicate that at where I’ve assembled a stellar team of executives from Wall Street technology, media and Internet. – Enzo Villani, CEO of

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Trending Startup: ICG Clients Include New England Patriots & McDonald’s

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“ICG is has built a powerful digital out of home (DOOH) integrated software and hardware solution that services fortune 500 companies.  Our recent partnership with HP will provide us with the resources and infrastructure to expand globally, virtually overnight.”

Kevin Howard, CEO

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Startup Funded: NotaryCam Raises $200K in 30 Days

We spent time catching up with the Cofounder of NotaryCam, David Kressel, after they raised $200K in only 30 days on Crowdfunder. NotaryCam is the world’s first platform for online notary services. They have successfully completed over 2,500 notarizations for clients all over the globe and are ready to scale. Here’s what David had to say about raising money on Crowdfunder:

How did Crowdfunder help you raise money?

“Crowdfunder introduced us to investors all over the world. We ended up raising $200K in 30 days from 4 savvy investors. Crowdfunder is an amazing way to get your deal in front of a diverse group of investors fast.”

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The Top 10 Celebrity Companies

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Over the last several years a growing number of celebrities have been getting into the startup game.

The different models by which celebrities are doing so have seem to come in waves. First there were endorsement deals for equity (no cash investment). Then came a growing number of celebrities making individual angel investments in startups, and more recently celebrities are co-founding their own companies.

“Celebrities are increasingly moving from endorsing products to being the product,” said John Demsey, group president of Estée Lauder. “This is only going to get more common.” (New York Times, November 14, 2014)  The fact that celebrities can turn their millions of fans into loyal customers, or even investors in the case of equity crowdfunding, more and more red-carpet dwellers are jumping into the startup fray.

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Trending Startup: Plant Growth Net Zero Aqualife has Reached 97% of Goal

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“We are finalizing a contract with a major brand-name buyer giving us a guaranteed revenue stream. In addition to getting equity in the company, investors will receive quarterly dividends equivalent to 35%+ annualized return. In other words, your principal investment will be returned in just over 2 years, and you will have the equity upside as well.”

– Anders Lennartsson, CEO


  • 100% compliant to Whole Foods requirements
  • Only Green labeled shrimp in the US
  • Project is shovel ready
  • Proven methods and technologies with experienced team from Germany


“No environmental impact and a product impossible to get hold of in the US. All this while being very profitable.” – Patrik Langvardt, Former Davis Cup Player for Denmark

“Impressive pre-development as well as management team. Not only is the project fully green, sustainable and uncontroversial, but also proven in EU, highly efficient and profitable.” – Aashish Mishra, Director of Sales, Ericsson Canada