Webinar: How General Solicitation Works (Title II of the JOBS Act)

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Webinar Details:

The JOBS Act legislation is changing the way small businesses and startups raise capital.  On September 23, the final rules enacted under Title II of theJOBS Act will lift the ban on general solicitation, allowing startups to advertise for the first time in over 80 years that they are fundraising .  

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Google Hangout: Crowd Expert Secrets to Crowdfunding Success

About this Hangout

Are you still unsure about how crowdfunding works, and how to successfully raise funding for your business?

Would you like to learn how to design a strategy that will engage people online and influence them to support your crowdfunding campaign?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to understand how crowdfunding fits within your larger fundraising strategy, or you want to learn how to manage and influence crowds online to benefit your business — this live Google+ Hangout with our CEO, Chance Barnett interviewing Shaun Abrahamson will help you.

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Google Hangout: How Equity Crowdfunding + Angel Investor Groups Will Build Strong Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

About This Hangout

Have you ever wondered what factors an entrepreneur must have to become attractive to Angel Investors?

Or, if you’re an Angel Investor, you may want to learn more about how Angel Investing and Equity Crowdfunding can work together, and how you and your Angel Group can benefit.

If you are interested in learning more on these topics, then watch this Google+ Hangout with Crowdfunder CEO Chance Barnett interviewing Julia Dilts, Angel Investor & CEO of Maverick Angels Network.

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Google Hangout: Equity Crowdfunding & The Future of Investing Online

About This Hangout

In this free webinar, Chance Barnett the CEO of Crowdfunder and participant in JOBS Act legislation will share with you:

  • Current state of JOBS Act Rulings & the SEC
  • How investment raises are happening online today
  • Implications of the recent SEC No Action Letters
  • The Secret to Pitching Investors from one of the world’s top fundraisers
  • How to connect with Accredited Investors on Crowdfunder

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CROWDIMPACT Live Google Hangout Series

As part of CROWDIMPACT – The world’s largest Social Enterprise Pitch Event (March/April 2013) Crowdfunder is bringing to you a series of live online talks with expert leaders in the field of business and social enterprise.

Check out CROWDIMPACT’s G+ Hangouts and our remarkable guest speakers who will be sharing with you their strategies to leading innovative businesses, and successfully closing investors. With these four expert talks you’ll be on your way to building your own successful business or social enterprise!

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03/13 Live Hangout: Principles of Transformative Action with Scott Sherman

Scott became interested in stories of transformation after he was brutally beaten and left for dead by gang members his freshman year of college.  This one transformative event lead him to start nonviolence initiatives with gang members in Los Angeles and human rights projects in the midst of one of the world’s most dangerous war zones in Sri Lanka.  It lead him to the Earth Summit in Brazil to pursue international environmental law, and on many extremely worthy projects that promised to have profound impact in people’s lives.  After his own transformation, he wanted to make a difference, and he and his colleagues were failing.  Nothing was actually changing.

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03/20 Live Hangout: The Social Enterprise Revolution with Joe Huff & Brent Freeman

Social Entrepreneurship is set to improve the world one company at a time, as a growing wave of entrepreneurs create businesses that aim to solve large scale social and environmental problems while generating a healthy return.

If you are a Social Entrepreneur now, or are passionate about this business model and looking to start your own Social Enterprise in the future, then this this is a must-attend conversation for you.

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Think like an Investment Banker with Oren Klaff

When: 03/27 at 2:30pm PST (5:30pm EST)

Most investment bankers can raise millions in an afternoon for a single project: how you can apply their methods to your Crowd-funding.

At that crucial moment – when it’s most important to be convincing – nine out of 10 times we are not. Join Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal, for a step-by-step process for getting an investor’s attention, communicating your ideas in the way investors expect to hear them, and getting deals closed.

Fortune 500 Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to have Oren present to them.  Register today to get a reminder & mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss this talk.

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03/07 Hangout: Fundraising Success Strategies, Both Online and Offline with Chance Barnett & Rafe Furst

Raising money can be one of the most difficult and misunderstood challenges for entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be. There are proven strategies and tactics that successful fundraisers use to fully fund their venture, and a whole host of mistakes you need to avoid that instantly kill investor interest.  

Before you kick off your fundraising without a clear strategy, join a Google Hangout to learn how to create success from the start with 2 experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

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