Bitvore Closes Series A Round With Nearly $1 Million From Crowdfunding

Bitvore recently closed their Series A round of $4.5MM, with the help of Crowdfunder. We interviewed Jeff Curie, CEO of Bitvore, about his experience in raising their round and how Crowdfunder helped them close new investor commitments and $435,000 in capital.

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Can you give a brief description of Bitvore and the latest traction you have received?

“Our goal with Bitvore was not to create another big data analytics technology that requires months of development and specialized work by data scientists to get up and running. Rather, we wanted to build a tool with the smarts of a team of researchers that could delve deep into the web for specific information, but simple enough that even someone with no experience could make it productive within minutes. I think the fact that we are in revenue and have trials ongoing with research analysts and traders up and down Wall Street says a lot about how successful we’ve been.

What was the size of the Deal you syndicated on Crowdfunder and what was the duration of your Fundraising Campaign?

“Total size of the Series A round was $4.5MM. The duration of the Series A round was approximately 4 months, all of which we were on Crowdfunder for.”

Why did you choose Crowdfunder, and what was your experience like on our platform compared to other crowdfunding portals?

“We had been hearing a lot of good things about Crowdfunder and so we decided to try it out. The people were great to work with and provided helpful guidance along the way, so that investors would respond.”

Can you give a description of the commitments and investor leads that Crowdfunder generated for Bitvore?

“We generated significant leads and also closed substantial amounts from experienced, active investors. The quality and value of the investors that became involved because of Crowdfunder was extremely valuable.”

How did the tools that Crowdfunder provides help you to augment your own fundraising efforts?

“The extra momentum we got from our investor activity on Crowdfunder had a profound, positive impact on our ability to close offline investors as well.”

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs out there who are raising money?

“We’ve only got one piece of advice: if you’re thinking of raising money, make sure you include Crowdfunder as part of your plan of attack.”


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